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Design Engineering

Creating certainty and value in accomplishing the milestones. With the right intent, a most powerful impact is created.

  • Urban Planning and Design
  • Roads and Highway Design
  • Water supply network design
  • Storm water Drainage network design
  • Sewerage network design
  • Firefighting Network Design
  • Irrigation Network Design
  • Internal Plumbing Services

Engineering Studies

The integration of essential utilities with appropriate engineering. A fundamental procedure of connecting necessity with intelligence.

  • Hydrological Studies
  • Economic and Social Studies
  • Road Safety Studies
  • Road accident and. Black Spot Identification Studies
  • Toll traffic Audits
  • Road safety audits
  • GIS Mapping, Data Base Management and Analysis


Engineering Surveys

Our methodology is focused on precision and accuracy, the data is collected effectually on real-time estimation hence providing best outcomes.

  • Topographic Surveys
  • Social and Economic Surveys
  • Traffic Volume Count Survey
  • Origin and Destination Surveys
  • Willingness to Pay Surveys
  • Boarding and Alighting Surveys
  • Occupancy Surveys
  • BRT System Surveys
  • Water Sampling Surveys

Traffic Studies

Illuminate the path and explore as many possibilities as possible. Be realistic in approach and versatile in creativity.

  • Travel Demand Forecasting Studies
  • 2 stage and 4 stage Traffic Models
  • Traffic signal design
  • Micro and Macro Modelling
  • Micro Simulations
  • Bus Transit Studies
  • Demand modeling for Railways, Ports, Dry ports, Recreation places, etc.